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Hawkeswood and Gilmour go off on SS14

Otago RallyAndrew Hawkeswood has dropped out of contention for a podium finish after going off the road on SS14.

Hawkeswood went off over a brow, hit a tree stump and limped out of the stage. He has dropped to 14th place.

The stump finished in the middle of the road, and the next car along,
Emma Gilmour, went off the road trying to avoid it.

She has dropped to
third place, but is only three seconds behind Dean Sumner, with two long
stages still to run.

Chris West continues to lead the New Zealand Rally Championship section.

In the Classics, Derek Ayson holds a 15.2 second lead over Regan Ross, with Piero Liatti third.

Retirements today include:

Darryn Snooks (Stanza) with fuel problems
Fats Liddle (Escort) off road
Mark Laughton (Avenger) diff
John Spencer (Datsun) headgasket
Mike Conway (Escort) off road

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