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NEW PHOTOS: Otago Rally shakedown

Andrew HawkeswoodThis morning’s shakedown for the 2008 Rally of Otago saw a number of drivers testing their cars ahead of this weekend’s event.

The short stage produced some dramas as well, with Australian Darryn Snooks the first to strike problems in his Datsun Stanza. His car came to a halt with a broken accelerator linkage early in the proceedings.

After an engine failure earlier in the week, Emma Gilmore gave her Subaru a quick shakedown, while Mark Laughton unveiled his recently repainted Hillman Avenger V8.

Aussie Keith Callinan appeared in his brand new Ford Escort RS1800 and was raving about the car’s potential, while much interest centred around Andrew Hawkeswood’s Audi Quattro S1 replica – complete with Subaru Impreza WRX runnining gear. The Quattro does, however, have a beautifully sounding Quattro 5-cylinder engine.

To see photos of this morning’s shakedown, CLICK HERE.

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