1976 Otago Rally

Allan Scott’s report from the 1976 Otago Rally

Trevor Crowe won the 1976 Otago Rally in his Datsun 1200. Photo: Richard Whinam

Allan went onto to managing Tom Walkinshaw’s engine department, including the Bathurst and LeMans winning Jaguars.

1976 Shoreline 4XO Easter Rally
“I did the deal with Colin Herbert of the Shoreline Hotel. They had called it the Sheraton Shoreline and Sheraton USA were going to sue for name usage.

Radio 4XO were the new boys in town with the deregulation of the air waves and a deal was put together to use there unused add time to promote the rally and the Hotel name change to The Shoreline Hotel – for free.

I also obtained the Sunday license for the after rally event at the Shoreline with the Hotel supplying the band and all drinks at public bar prices.
We made our money by having the sit down dinner at cost and on selling well over 100 tickets at a $5 per head profit, as well as the $25 entry fee for the rally and hill climb on Sunday.

From memory we made around $1500 and the club made more from this one event than it had ever made in any year. The advent of profitable rallying allowed the sale of the old club rooms in Leith Valley and purchase of the new club rooms in town.”

– Allan Scott


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