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Buist to defend Otago Rally title in Corolla

With last year’s Otago Rally winning Ford Escort RS1800 sold to Bryce Biggs, Deane Buist will attempt to defend his title in an unfamiliar car this weekend.

The Buist family have run BDA Escorts for as long as most care to
remember, but they simply ran out of bodyshells in the lead up to this
year’s event.

As a result, Deane will start the event in a Toyota Corolla KE70 — painted bright green.

that may seem a strange choice, there are some similarities. The car
will feature full BDA Escort running gear, and in the likeable Buist’s
hands, it is sure to be fast from the outset.

The 2007 winner is
expected to have a fierce battle for victory with another former
winner, Finland’s Pasi Hagstrom, in an Escort RS1800. And there’s also
a well know French lady who could be right up there as well …….

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