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Drivesouth Motorsport Show

DrivesouthDrivesouth, the motoring section of the Otago Daily Times, has been announced as the major sponsor for the motorsport show to be held on Friday, May 9, the night before the 2008 Rally of Otago gets under way.

The ‘Drivesouth Motorsport Show’ will be held at Dunedin’s Edgar
Centre, and is expected to draw a huge crowd of motoring enthusiasts
for what promises to be a great night.

This year’s Otago Rally
has attracted over 100 entries, and all competing cars will be on
display at the Drivesouth Motorsport Show, with rally fans able to view
the cars, get the drivers’ autographs and enjoy a competitor forum
during the night.

Rally videos and DVDs will play on a huge screen during the night, and there will be exclusive Otago Rally merchandise for sale.

new car franchises will display their cars, and a number of racing cars
will also be present, including two NZV8 Holdens.

The ‘Drivesouth Motorsport Show’ will open to the public at 4pm, and will continue until 8.30pm.

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