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Friday night Motorshow for Otago Rally

The 2008 Otago Rally will get under way spectacularly on Friday, May 9,
2008 with a motorshow and the official rally start at Edgar Stadium, in

In recent years the rally has begun at the Forbury Park trotting track, but cold, and often inclement, weather has limited spectator numbers.

For 2008 rally organisers have taken the innovative step of moving the rally start indoors, where spectators can not only see the cars in a warm, comfortable arena, but take in the motorshow as well.

“The Otago Rally has taken huge steps forward in recent years, with competitor numbers increasing, and the popularity of the event reaching an all-time high,” Sponsorship and Promotions Manager, Roger Oakley said. “We want to make sure that local rally fans, and those who travel to the event, have the opportunity to get the best Otago Rally experience possible.”

The indoor Edgar Stadium is seen as the perfect venue to start the rally, and all competing cars, and selected service outfits, will be on display in the stadium on the Friday night.

Rally fans will have the chance to watch rally videos, enjoy an open forum with the leading competitors, take part in autograph sessions and view a wide range of other competition cars.

“This will be a great experience for rally fans and those who aren’t directly involved in the sport,” Oakley added.

New car franchises will be given the opportunity to display their range of vehicles at the show, their will be a road safety promotion, and sponsors will be given the chance to entertain their clients and guests in the sponsors’ lounge.

The Otago Rally Motorshow will be held between 4pm and 9.30pm, giving everyone a chance to take in the excitement.

The 2008 Otago Rally will be held over two days, featuring 13 special stages over 273km. The friendly timetable makes the rally a breeze for service crews.

Competitor assistance packages are also available, with further information available on the event website:

The Otago Rally is the second round of the New Zealand Rally Championship for FIA-spec Group N cars, and a national two-wheel drive class. The Classic Rally of Otago includes many of the cars from rallying’s heyday, such as Escort RS1800s, Fiat 131 Abarths and Porsche 911s.

A number of Australian and European drivers are expected to travel to New Zealand’s south island for an event that is widely regarded as one of the best in the southern hemisphere.

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