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Illness threatens to de-rail Mouton’s Otago Rally hopes

Dunlop International Classic Rally drawcard, Michele Mouton, has
another hurdle to overcome as she prepares for this weekend’s event.

The French lady’s co-driver, Fabrizia Pons, is suffering from a viral infection and has lost her voice.

Reunited in a rally car for the first time since 1986, Mouton and Pons are writing their own pacenotes — in French — for their first attack on the Otago Rally, but those plans have been dealt a blow because of Pons’ illness.

In an ironic twist, Mouton stated last night that she would rather the event be ‘blind’ (without pacenotes), like her favourite WRC round, the RAC Rally, used to be.

If Pons’ voice doesn’t return in time for Saturday morning’s start, she may well be driving the event blind after all!

Although seeded car number one in the classic rally field, Mouton will start third on the road, behind former event winners Pasi Hagstrom and Dean Buist.

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