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Otago Rally already on track for April 2021

Planning is well already underway for the running of the 2021 Otago Rally, scheduled to be held from April 16 to 18 next year.

Ben Hunt SS9 MW

“The route will be pretty much as planned for the cancelled 2020 event, with a few minor changes,” event spokesman Roger Oakley said.

“Even now, COVID-19 is the major uncertainty for organisers, but we are confident that the 2021 event will be able to occur with no restriction for those within New Zealand.”

The situation for international competitors, spectators and media will, however, remain uncertain for some time to come.

“We wish to reassure international competitors that they can complete the ‘Intention to Enter’ and subsequently lodge an entry with the assurance that it will be fully refunded, no matter how late they may need to withdraw, if circumstances demand,” Oakley added.

As in previous years, the Otago Rally will offer a range of assistance packages to international competitors for 2021.

The rally will honour the commitments made to those competitors who were offered similar packages for 2020, and will contact them gauge their interest for 2021.

In a major boost for the rally, Dunedin City Council have confirmed their funding for next year.
 “We are hugely appreciative of their active support and encouragement,” Oakley said.
“In fact, with the support of the City, we will be introducing a range of initiatives to promote Dunedin and rallying to as wide an audience as possible.”

The Otago Rally will be the first Brian Green Property Group New Zealand Rally Championship event since the COVID-19 interruption, with the event team keen to take on the responsibility to kick-start rallying in 2021 in the best way possible.

The rally will offer two days of rallying on some of the best stages in New Zealand, with 280 kilometres of stages, a two-pass recce, and 90% public roads.

The Otago Rally receives Major Events funding from Dunedin City Council, and is supported by the Otago Community Trust.

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